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# Posted: 15 Jun 2005 01:32

please i would be gratfull for your advice,i am trying to decide whether to buy photoshop elements 3 or paintshop pro 8 or 9, which of them is best and which of them is easier to get to grips with, i have read up a lot on both of them but i just cant decide which one is best for me,i am about average at digital photography,thank you

# Posted: 17 Jun 2005 13:20


Itís depend on for what propose you need a graphic program. If you want to correct your photos, maybe, Paint Shop Pro will be enough for you. Paint Shop Pro is notably cheaper then Photoshop.
In addition there is a good chance to download Paint Shop Pro from internet and try the program during 30 days.
Also you can ask your question in the Google conference ( .photo)

Best regards,

Two Pilots



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