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Two Pilots forum / Digital photo software / Color Pilot for Mac will not operate
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# Posted: 2 Sep 2007 08:45

Recently downloaded C/P for Mac .When file is opened it shows CP220 this in turn opens
to Cp & Tutorial .Tut consists of 'Doggie' images showing color corrections,however when trying the suggested trial i.e marking area while keeping mouse depressed the image moves
with the curser similar to cut & paste operation.Tried out with image from my files,Same
thing happens,also if I attempt to mark an area for correction the color palette closes.
When C/P for Mac is opened there is only a color palette ,on your web site there appears to be a window along with a menu bar I dont get this.
The C/P file is 1.5 Mb,and the Tutorial is 4.3 Mb, does this sound right.?

# Posted: 4 Sep 2007 03:33

Hi Derek!

To perform the correction you need to release the mouse button.
No file opens automatically - you will have to choose a file on the disk and open it (with a help of command "Open..." inside the menu "File".

The Tutorial contains large image files, this is why it is that large. In the future I plan to make it into an animation (in Leopard there is a great built-in technology for this) that hopefully will take less space.

Hope I answered the questions %0)

Best regards,

# Posted: 7 Sep 2007 00:13

Thanks for your reply to my query posted 2 Sept. Unfortunately your reply does not answer all my queries e,g, I can now carry out color corrections however I now have three(3) versions of C/P.
1.--DEMO, 2--C/P 2(Probably a copy of !.) & 3--ColorPilotMac_Trial.
In all versions going to HELP in the menu,produces the same edition of the HELP text but no images just " ? " where the images
should appear. At the end of the explanation it explains how I can purchase the full version of ColorPilotMac. etc. as you would be aware, this I have already done.( ORDER # U24168085__REGN. #
051848304357) . I can only assume that I don't yet have a full version.
I did try to download the program again, however your security
system would not recognise the link to the PRIVATE folder.
Hope you can sort this for me,I must admit that I was getting a
trifle annoyed with C/P, your ears woud be burning if you had heard some of my opinions on the family origins of TwoPilots.
Hoping you can ease my problems, at the same time help
my blood pressure.
Reards Derek

# Posted: 8 Sep 2007 17:12


# Posted: 10 Sep 2007 06:57

Hi Derek,

There must be something strange with your copies of CP. I failed to reproduce the problem.

I would like to ask for more details and probably to directly forward you a copy of the application.

Please, contact us by selecting tab "Support" in the top of this window and then by selecting tab "Write us". I will get an automatic e-mail message into my mailbox.

I hope that we can ease your problems. Sorry for inconvenience!

Best regards,



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