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Two Pilots forum / Digital photo software / Exif Pilot Pro ignores big files
Author Message
# Posted: 26 Sep 2008 03:24

While testing Exif Pilot Pro Demo I've noticed that the program ignores big image files.
Can't tell exactly beyond which file size the pictures get ignored, but it seems that picture files bigger than 500 MB aren't shown.
Is this a limitation of the demo version or might this be a bug?

Thank you,


# Posted: 26 Sep 2008 05:58

Could you please let us know what format of files you have?
And what model of camera do you use?

# Posted: 26 Sep 2008 11:26

So far we've noticed this effect on big uncompressed Tif-files shot with Hasselblad H3D II-39, Phase One P25, and Phase One P45; pictures had been enlarged in PS/CS2 with Genuine Fractals. When taking the same pictures and reducing the file size by saving them as LZW-compressed Tif-files then Exif Pilot Pro shows them correctly with File-, Exif-, and IPTC-Data. So it seems to be a pure file size problem.

# Posted: 27 Sep 2008 01:41

Hello And,

It is not limitation of the demo version. Probably Exif Pilot doesn't know format of your uncompressed Tif-files.

Best regards,
Artem Golubnichenko
Two Pilots

# Posted: 27 Sep 2008 06:40

Hi Artem,

I don't think it has anything to do with the format of uncompressed Tif-files; it seems to be a matter of size only.
Maybe you can generate a new image in Photoshop with the following settings:
Screen shot for new image in PS
and save it as a Tif-file with the following options:
Screen shot for uncompressed Tif-image
If I than navigate Exif Pilot Pro to the folder in which the Tif-file has been saved this file is NOT shown.
Images which have been generated in Photoshop exactly the same way, just slightly smaller (e.g. 16000x12000) are shown correctly in Exif Pilot Pro Demo 3.03.01

Best regards,


# Posted: 28 Sep 2008 16:00

Dear And,

Thank you for the information.
Unfortunately, we can't promise you the quick correction of the program.
We are not planning to test the work with very big Tiff files in
the next version.

Katerina Zhdanova



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