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Two Pilots forum / Digital photo software / Improvement to EXIF Pilot
Author Message
# Posted: 6 Mar 2009 04:53

Hi there

Exif Pilot is one of very few applications that write to .ARW (sony raw) files. I currently bought Pro version, but there few things that could be improved.

I'm trying to geocode/geotag lot of pictures. Typing values in Exif Pilot takes so much time. Plenty of other applications use Google Earth to manually geotag images. Why Exif Pilot has such not-user-friendly approach to adding GPS data?

Also there is a matter of precision. At this moment Exif Pilot allows for degrees, minutes and seconds. Most other applications are more precise and allow for rational numbers in seconds (correct according to EXIF specification 2.2. While it might not be the huge difference, for precision freaks like me it is very important.

Finally in the same specification there is mention of additional GPS information like coordinates of destination (in photo it would be subject) or at least "Bearing of destination" which would show the direction of photo while being taken.

So please consider
- integration with any mapping software
- correct precision of GPS data
- expanding the data set that could be added to picture.


Marcin Jankowski

# Posted: 6 Mar 2009 05:02

EDIT: Actually there is even better field in EXIF specification: "GPSImgDirection" which is specifically designed for direction of the photo.

Marcin Jankowski



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