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Two Pilots forum / Form filler/maker software / embedding fonts
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# Posted: 3 May 2005 14:45

I have tried to embed fonts (script fonts) in a form prior to saving it in pdf file. Unfortunately this doesn't work even if the pdf file is opened on the native computer where the font resides. The script font just shows up as an italic generic font in acrobat reader.

I am using form office version 2.01 and acrobat reader 7.0

# Posted: 4 May 2005 00:16 · Edited by: Admin


Thank you for your question.
What charset and language do you use and what fonts embedding mode do you apply?

Best regards,

# Posted: 4 May 2005 19:41

thanks for the quick reply.

I had been trying to save a form which I had previously filled with a script true type font downloaded from the internet. This font does not display as it does on screen when saved on pdf. I tried to embed the fonts in all modes but this would not make a difference.

However I have been experimenting with the software and have found that nearly all the fonts embed properly except for a font called 'monotype corsiva' which is installed as standard with windows. This does not display as it shoud and only appears in italic generic display similar is the case with the script font I downloaded from the internet called 'Julius Thyssen'. Other script fonts downloaded from the internet work fine.

One last curious thing I noticed while experimenting was that when I tried to embed the 'vivaldi' font (another font provided by windows) form office fails to create a pdf file!

The language used in these is english alphabets. I doon't know what charset these fonts are though.


# Posted: 6 May 2005 14:53


Could you please send the fonts you wrote about and a pft-document where these fonts are used with the aid of our online form:

Yours respectfully



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