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Two Pilots forum / Form filler/maker software / Creating PDF forms from script
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# Posted: 4 Nov 2005 12:53

Do you have a product that will allow me to convert a Word document to a PDF and put a form in that PDF on the way? Note that I don't want to fill out a PDF form; instead, I want to take a Word document and create from it a PDF with a form in it.

# Posted: 4 Nov 2005 12:55

Ah, important point; I'm trying to make the conversion non-interactive. That is, I'd like to be ab le to put either a Word form field or some special text into the Word document and have that text converted into a form field in the PDF, so that the conversion process can be run without anyone being near the computer.

# Posted: 9 Nov 2005 12:57


Thank you for your questions.

Could you, please, try our PDF Maker Pilot.
Where do you need to carry out these actions - on your PC or at a web-server?


Olga Panchenko
Two Pilots



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