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# Posted: 28 Feb 2007 12:06

How can I set up a area for text such that when typing, the text will wrap to the next line instead of extending into the next area of the form. This is required due to the form layout and the information that must be entered. I can't seem to find the right tool to set that up. Can you help?

# Posted: 5 Mar 2007 01:31

This feature isn't in the program at the moment.
The feature will be inserted in the next version that we are going to release in three weeks.

Katerina Zhdanova
Two Pilots

# Posted: 7 Mar 2007 07:49

Do you have an exact date when this update is going to be available, and a list of enhancements?

# Posted: 10 Mar 2007 02:48

We haven't an exact date, it is possible in March 26 - 31.

Katerina Zhdanova
Two Pilots



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