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Two Pilots forum / Form filler/maker software / PDF / Text resolutions bad / corrupted
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# Posted: 6 Aug 2007 06:39

When i use PDF maker Pilot to make forms in PDF's, first i open
the PDF Document and add some forms into.

After i saved the PDF Doc, and reopen it in Adobe Reader, then i get Document where

a) the fonts are not shown correctly, they are so broken, not soft
b) we can't use such characters like ?, ? , ? for customers
c) can't use Shift + Key to make character UPPERCASE, doesn't work
d) when i enter into a form, the text in the form slides a little to the top of the form

i think these are bugs, where using of this product for especially customers is not recommended.

are there any tips & tricks, how to make really good pdf forms?


# Posted: 7 Aug 2007 00:25

Could you please send us both: PDF Maker Pilot document and the generated
PDF File? You can do it from this page: tab Write us

Did you try to change Character set?
Which version of Adobe Reader do you use?
What is the program version?
What language do you use?




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