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Two Pilots forum / Form filler/maker software / Form Pilot Mac and Leopard
Author Message
# Posted: 28 Oct 2007 16:17


Form Pilot (1.26) crashes on me in Leopard. Anyone else got this to work?


# Posted: 29 Oct 2007 02:28

Dear Ben,

We did not yet have an opportunity to check our software against Leopard. It won't take long, and Form Pilot will be the first our product to be made Leopard-savvy.

Of course, you will be in position to receive the Leopard-savvy release of the product when it is ready (for free).

Sorry for delay.

Best regards,
Oleg S.

# Posted: 30 Oct 2007 18:15

Thanks for the news. Please send emails out when it's ready! I use it all the time, and don't want to have to jump ship over to Form Mate.....




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