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# Posted: 15 Jan 2005 19:53


The CHM2HTML product works without a hitch and it works very, very fast.

The task my employer has given me is to convert CHM files in one language into CHM files
in another language.

The CHM2HTML part is working without a hitch. I convert CHM to HTML with CHM2HTML and then use Systran (Language Translation Software) to convert the HTML files into the
appropriate language.

The question I have is how can I recompile the translated HTML files back into a CHM
file for redistribution? It's been awhile but I think that MS Visual Studio 6 used to come with a help file compiler that would do this. Am I on the right track here? Any tips/pointers? Thank you very much!

# Posted: 20 Jan 2005 15:46

Unfortunately, our software does not offer this solution. You may try Microsoft HTML
Workshop: However, with Microsoft HTML
Workshop you will have to do many things manually.

Thank you,
Natalia Blomeier



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