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# Posted: 24 Feb 2005 19:10

Hey everybody!

I'm testing the demoversion of html2pdf and got a very big problem:

everytime I create a PDF out of a File, i get the message that the embedded font "times new roman" can't be extracted. but there is no times new roman in that document.

how can i set which fonts have to be embedded and which not?

# Posted: 4 Mar 2005 20:04

Hi Chris,

I will ask our developers if they can add an option to specify non-embedded fonts list. Thank you.

# Posted: 6 May 2005 09:47


When we try to open the converted PDF file (From HTML) we are getting the error message "times new roman" can't be extracted" in client PCs. But there is no times new roman font used in the document. In the top of the PDF file, there is a line "This document is generated using trial version...." got printed. Is that the line printed in "Times new roman" font?.

We are a software application development company and testing your software to convert HTML files to PDF for one of our big MNC client. Since we are trying to generate employee wise files, this error message will be cumbersom as it wil appear for each of the employee.

Will the licensed version also give this error message? (Also FYI, in one of the WIN2003 server in whcih we tested earlier, we did not encounter this message. Is there a catc with OS used?). Please revert back asap.

# Posted: 6 May 2005 10:03


Try to use .NonEmbeddedFonts_Add library method to exclude Times New Roman from enbedded fonts list

Thank you very much !

Best regards,

# Posted: 6 May 2005 10:23

We using doc2pdf.exe from DOS prompt for this convertion. Is it possible for us to use this library in command line?

# Posted: 10 May 2005 14:18

doc2pdf.exe is not a library - it's Windows application (Document2PDF Pilot). You may use command line options to convert documents.

# Posted: 18 May 2005 09:25

We are using Arial Font for our entire HTML page. so we set default font settings as show below in the HTML page.
<style type="text/css">
body{font-size: 100.01%;font-family: Arial;}

Now we are not getting the embedded font error message while opening the converted PDF file.

# Posted: 20 Jul 2005 12:33

I can?t see the embedded fonts tab.
How can I activate It ?

# Posted: 7 Jan 2006 13:26

Err Msg:"The font <fontname> contains a bad /BBox" when trying to open PDF file

# Posted: 7 Jan 2006 14:05


Please specify the product which you use to create PDF file
and details of the conversion - files, fonts, etc.

Thank you very much !

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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