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Two Pilots forum / Converters / text metric in pixels and origin point
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# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 09:41

Same one can help me with this 2 question about function operating of PDFCreatorPilot 3?

1) How I can get a text metric in pixels considering the string text, the font type and the size parameter ?

2) why the origin point x,y = 0,0 (relative coordinate) has not coincidence with the origin point of phisical page when I change the PDF.resolution value ? (it occurrs a little desfase)
How I can solution this problem?

best regards

# Posted: 9 Mar 2007 10:20

Dear JC,

The font height in pixels is equal to points, if you need to measure text width, you can use PDFPAGE_GetTextWidth.

About 2) - can you send us some example, i'll foward it to developers.

Best regards,
Two Pilots



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