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# Posted: 16 Apr 2007 09:27

Dear sir.

I am a new customer. I'm using your program from 10 days ago.

Usually HTML2PDF Converter end its job in just e few seconds.

But I have an html file of 714 KBytes. It is just a long table with rows almost identical. HTML2PDF Converter needs 5 minutes and 30 seconds to do his job, using 95%-100% of CPU in a PC with 4GBytes of memory (2 GBytes of free memory) and 2.5 GHz processor.

The produced PDF, in compressed format, is 2.14 MBytes, 3 times bigger of html file!

Do you know what the problem may be? If you want, I can send you both HTML and PDF file.

Best regards

# Posted: 16 Apr 2007 21:27

Our developers work on a problem of PDF optimization on speed and file size. Send your file from our online form or send it to e-mail

# Posted: 16 Jul 2008 05:03


I am having a similar problem to the one above, i am using HTML2PDFAddOn with PDFCreator version 4 (both bought licensed). I am producing reports in HTML then firing them to the libraries, it takes about 7 seconds to create a 22 page PDF file using 95% of the CPU while doing it, the 22 page file produced is about 1.3Mb!

I have already set:

pdf.Compression = TxCompressionType.ctFlate;

in my code after looking through forums but i cant find anything else that would solve this situation. This is criitical as the client is seeing the same problem and they have other systems on the server which are brought to a stand still.


Neil Paterson (Pisys).

# Posted: 13 Aug 2008 09:06

hi, have you had any progress on this??


Neil Paterson (Pisys).

# Posted: 28 Aug 2008 07:17

+ 1 :-(

PS. I'm using CHM2PDF

# Posted: 28 Aug 2008 22:45

The only thing I can advise at a moment is to not embed fonts. Set corresponding propertie in your code (for PDF Creator Pilot) or check corresponding option in settings (for converters). This will decrease file size, memory usage and increase speed slightly.

Max Filimonov



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