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Two Pilots forum / Converters / PDF file size too big w/d newer versions 50->160kb
Author Message
# Posted: 27 Jun 2007 23:46

hi, my pdf file size grows from 50 kb to 160 kb !!!!
i checked why and that's because unneccessary font's are embedded into the pdf.

I used before doc2pdf 1.4 to convert html to pdf's and it included correctly the needed font subset, but the newer version 2.13 conversion includes much much more of fonts that are unneccessary.
Can a dos command be used to determine the fonts to be used?
When will be this fixed?

# Posted: 28 Jun 2007 01:28

Thank you. We'll add a new option "Embed Fonts" for user to be able to choose if the converter should embed fonts or not.

# Posted: 29 Jun 2007 02:14

it would be sufficent if the necessary font would be embedded as in the older version 1.43



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