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Two Pilots forum / Converters / HTML2PDF - Image Splite between two pages
Author Message
# Posted: 26 Jul 2007 21:42


I am using HTML2PDF 2.13.3. I have found that the image is split between two pages.

Is there a way to force the image to be shown fully on one page?


# Posted: 7 Aug 2007 06:32

Thank you for your letter.

It is not possible to do this in program. However you can insert into HTML code, before images splitted into two pages the following code:
<img src="my_picture.jpg" style="PAGE-BREAK-BEFORE: always">

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
Denis Kovalenko
Two Pilots

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So if it stops working, just visit the contact page:

# Posted: 10 Aug 2007 08:32

Hi Denis,

But does this mean that if I add this style to all my images, then all images will be placed starting from a new page?

This approach isn't very convenient when I need to convert a CHM file of ~5000-10000 pages (this CHM file is automatically generated by our internal tool). So, I don't know which images will be split across pages, and which won't, and I need to first convert all my pages to PDF, then look for all split images, then add a special style to them, and then convert again.

And what if I need to convert an update to this CHM file, which is automatically generated on the next day?

Sorry, but this is very inconvenient ;-(

What is the general problem of not adding this option to your tool? As far as I understand, when you generate a PDF file, you know how much space is free on the current page. And if the image to be inserted is higher than this space, you may just insert a page break. Many reporting and converting solutions work in this way.

Or the problem is more difficult?

Sorry, I don't want just to criticize your tool, I just want to be sure that it meets my requirements, so that I will be ready to use it at my work and to suggest it to my friends.

Best regards, Alan.

# Posted: 13 Aug 2007 03:56

I agree with Alan. An option to automatically insert page breaks when it's necessary (to display entire images) is REQUIRED! Why should I modify my source CHMs when my page settings (size or margins) are changed? This is solely a converter functionality as _it_ splits CHM contents to pages.

# Posted: 16 Aug 2007 07:26

I was hoping to get an official answer here, but unfortunately this forum seems to be dead ;-(((

# Posted: 16 Aug 2007 22:01

Sorry for answer delay. We'll inform our developers about this feature request.

# Posted: 17 Aug 2007 01:52

Sorry for answer delay. We'll inform our developers about this feature request.

Thanks! :-)

# Posted: 18 Jan 2008 12:23

I'm with Alan on this too. I've got the same issue with CHM2PDF. The software works well, but having images split across pages is a visible defect that users see.

# Posted: 21 Jun 2012 13:15

i can show any images on pdf with html2pdf,,
please help me..???????

# Posted: 21 Jun 2012 13:56

i can show any images on pdf with html2pdf,,

What kind of images do you want to insert and where do you want to insert them?



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