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Two Pilots forum / Converters / Try to run simultanious multiple Document2PDF.exes
Author Message
# Posted: 3 Sep 2008 07:36

Because of the performance of Doment2PDF (creating a PDF containing 500 letters takes about 1 hour), I want to divide a batch of 6000 letters into batches of 500 letters.
As a test I tried to run 3 batches (2 letters, 24 letters, 24 letters) parallel.
The start is not the problem. All three are running.
As soon as the first one (2 letters) finishes, the other 2 remain running, but they dot nothing. (Looking to the printer, there is no activity) (Looking to the running processes on the server, I see 2x Document2PDF and 2xWinword.exe)

What's the problem???

# Posted: 20 Oct 2008 05:23

Please update your Document2PDF Pilot to the latest version (2.5.82) where this problem is solved.

Max Filimonov



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