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Two Pilots forum / Converters / Document2PDF: MS Visual C++ Runtime Library Error
Author Message
# Posted: 3 Dec 2008 03:45

Version 2.5.79 works fine on MS Server 2003 but with 2.5.82 we get an Runtime Error in a window which is titled "MS Visual C++ Runtime Library".
Downgrade to 2.5.79 does not change anything.

Did you replace C++ Library with update from 5.79 to 5.82?
If so, can I simply patch the new library with the older one from a backup?

Thanks for help,

# Posted: 8 Dec 2008 03:02

Sorry, the reason for "Visual C++ Runtime Library" Error was that I deinstalled Word.
After Installation 2.5.79 runs fine again.



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