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Two Pilots forum / Converters / HTML2PDF with java applet mixes up png and jpg s
Author Message
Matt Tillotson
# Posted: 6 Jul 2009 11:19

We just installed version 2.16.94. We have a page that contains an image (.jpg) on the bottom of the form and a java applet to capture signartures from the tablet pc , replaces the screen applet with the created signature.png img link, and then passes the HTML to HTML2PDF... this works fine in version 2.16.90, but in version 2.16.94 when we convert it, the final pdf has replaced both the java applet and the .jpg img link with the .png signature we just captured.

We have now reverted to 2.16.90 due to this issue.

# Posted: 6 Jul 2009 23:07


I'll contack our managers to give you a link to version 2.16.90.
If it is possible, could you please send me the sample of this page (html + applet + inage) for tests? You may send it directly to

Max Filimonov,

Matt Tillotson
# Posted: 7 Jul 2009 11:22

I will work on getting an example to you. As this is html our app spits out, and then deletes right after the conversion, it might take me a bit.

Thanks for your help



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