Full cycle of EXIF processing

The new version of Exif Pilot 4.12 has been released. Now our EXIF tool supports the full cycle of metadata processing: view, create, edit, and delete EXIF, IPTC metadata. Also Exif Pilot has ability to view XMP tags, but editing such type of metadata is not available yet. In the latest release we’ve added new functionality to remove specified tags from the images. You can easily either delete desired tags from picture, or clear all metadata. Also, we have fixed several minor bugs.

To delete desired tag(-s), double click a tag in the Properties panel, mark checkbox ‘Delete the tag’, and click OK.

If you want to add new tags, comments, keywords to your photo, see the following video tutorial.

If you need to modify existing metadata of your image, see the following video instructions.

Finally, if you want to delete specified tags, you can do it in the way described above.

We hope the program will be assistant in the processing of your photos. Try the new version, and feel how to easy and simple to manage of metadata in the images.

Artem Golubnichenko