PDF Creator Pilot – How to print a PDF document

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This sample illustrates how to print a PDF document using the default printer. (The process is similar for any other specified printer.) You can use PDF Creator Pilot’s printing functionality independent of on any third party components.

For printing a PDF document with the help of PDF Creator Pilot, use the DrawPageToDC method. This method draws a specified PDF page to a device context. The method takes the following 5 parameters:

  Handle of the device context

  Number of target page

  Horizontal zoom

  Vertical zoom

  Draw controls

So, to print the PDF document on the printer, you need to get the device context of the printer and then call the DrawPageToDC method with the specified parameters.

Below you can download samples, demonstrating how to print a PDF document in C++, C#, and VB.Net.


Download Sample Code


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