How To Process Photo Keywords

Exif Pilot 4.10 has been released. We’ve added feature to manage keywords in photo. Quick tutorial tour to use our EXIF editor for editing, creating, and removing keywords is below.

Open folder with images, select photo(-s), and click button ‘Edit EXIF/IPTC’. Then go to ‘Keywords’ tab. On the ‘Keywords’ pane you can add new keyword (1), or remove existing keywords (2). Also you can edit existing keywords by double clicking on specified row on the list of keywords (3), press Enter key when you finish to edit row.

Also you can create own list of frequently used tags for keywords on the ‘Keywords bucket’ panel. Input new tag in the input field (4), and click button ‘Add’ (5) to append of your bucket of tags. If you want to add tag as keyword to your photo, select desired tag from keywords bucket (6), and click button ‘Add’ (7). If you want to delete tag from your bucket, click button ‘Remove’ (8).

You can also use Batch Editing Plug-in to process multiple photos for managing keywords.

Process multiple photos for managing keywords


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