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Color Pilot
Junior (4.5Mb)
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Unregistered version
has the image size
limitations of 512x512

Color Pilot Junior is a program that knows how to improve colors of your photos. You just have to tell the program what color you want to see in your picture.

This is one of the samples of color change:

All you should do is to tell the program that the blossoms should be white.

See our Example page for more examples.

Play examples in the program menu | Examples.

What Color Pilot Junior can perform:

  • Automatic color correction;
  • Color correction with a reference white, black and gray colors;
  • You can print several images at once on one page;
  • Cutting;
    Image resize;
  • Image resolution;
  • Coping an image to the clipboard and pasting a new image from the clipboard

Technical requirements:

  • PC-compatible computer with processor 486 or better;
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000;
  • Mouse;
  • Operative memory at least 16 Mb;
  • Free disc space at least 5 Mb;
    Your video system shall support at least 65E colors at screen resolution 800x600 pixels;
  • Graphic file formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX;
  • Supported image type: RGB True Color 24 bit

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Two Pilots

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