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Problems with downloading

How to download a file?

Downloading is the process of copying a program file from one computer to another across the internet. When you download a program from our web site, it means you are copying it from the author or publisher's web server to your own computer. This allows you to install and use the program on your own machine. Read more...

I have problems downloading a file.

To recover broken downloads and avoid download errors, as well as to prevent various errors related to the use of different downloading applications, please use our dPilot, a free download manager. If dPilot doesn't help, contact us.

I have downloaded a file, but when I run the setup file, I get the "File is corrupted" message.

Please try to download the file one more time (delete the previously downloaded corrupted file first).

We recommend that you use dPilot, a free download manager. It helps you recover broken downloads and avoid download errors. If nothing helps, please contact us.

Your server does not respond.

Please check your Internet connection. Try to download a file from any other server and see if it works. If the connection is OK, try downloading the file from our server in 10 or 15 minutes, as temporary download problems may happen from time to time.

I tried downloading the full version using a special link you sent me, but was unable to do it. All that I get is the demo version and can't put in my registration code.

Make sure that you use the link correctly. Do not type the link manually into your browser window. Use "Copy" and "Paste" commands. Important! - Our links are case-sensitive.

The program cannot be downloaded without getting a notice from Microsoft that you are an UNKNOWN PUBLISHER and that there may be risk associated with your download.

Windows XP/SP2 has features to warn you about downloading or opening files which might have been altered. When you are downloading Two Pilots products from the Two Pilots website no such risk arises, since no other party has had any opportunity to tamper with them. You may use them safely.


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