Examples of photo correction in MakeUp Pilot

MakeUp Pilot – a cosmetic kit built into your computer. It allows you to do makeup directly on your photos. Using this makeup software, you can:

Remove freckles, pimples, warts, moles:

Remove freckles, pimples, warts, moles with MakeUp Pilot   Remove freckles, pimples, warts, moles - result

Photo © Alexander Saltykov

Еrase wrinkles, smooth your face:

Еrase wrinkles, smooth your face with MakeUp Pilot   Еrase wrinkles, smooth your face - result

Photo © Alexander Saltykov

Make up a portrait:

Make up a portrait with MakeUp Pilot

Photo © Vitaly Gorbonos

Makeup skin with Rouge and Eye Shadow:

Makeup skin with Rouge and Eye Shadow with MakeUp Pilot   Makeup skin with Rouge and Eye Shadow - result

Photo © Alisa Selezneva

Create a clear eye contour:

Create a clear eye contour with MakeUp Pilot   Create a clear eye contour - result

Photo © Elena Pazhina

Makeup lips, powder a face:

Makeup lips, powder a face with MakeUp Pilot   Makeup lips, powder a face - result

Photo © Andrey Glazunov

Change eye color:

Change eye color with MakeUp Pilot   Change eye color - result

Photo © T1000

Remove unnecessary objects from a photo:

Remove unnecessary objects from a photo with MakeUp Pilot   Remove unnecessary objects from a photo - result

Restore old photos:

Restore old photos with MakeUp Pilot   Restore old photos - result


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