Merge and Split PDFs with PDF Creator Pilot

Do you need to split or merge PDF files and reorganize pages in your PDF documents? If yes, then PDF Creator Pilot library can help you do this. PDF Creator Pilot allows you to not only split, merge, and reorganize pages in your PDFs, but also to create tree-like outlines (bookmarks), annotations, watermarks, thumbnails, and interactive AcroForm elements for your PDF documents.

PDF Library has the following methods for splitting, merging, and reorganizing pages:

  • Append– This method appends the contents of a previously saved PDF file (not a BLOB) to a newly created (or opened) PDF document.
  • Open – This method opens an existing PDF document, then reads and parses its contents.
  • AddPage – This method creates a new PDF page, appending it to the end of the PDF document. It does not set the new page as current.
  • DeletePage – This method removes the specified page from a PDF document.

With the help of PDF Creator Pilot, you can easily and quickly manage your PDFs, reduce the size of PDF files, and quickly combine a group of files using the merge feature.

Artem Golubnichenko