New method: ShowTextParagraph

We’re glad to introduce the new method ShowTextParagraph and it’s Unicode version – ShowUnicodeTextParagraph.

This method draws a text paragraph, this means that the library will automatically split the paragraph text to the lines to fit the page bounds, align text lines as needed and add a new PDF page if the text does not fit to the rest of the current PDF page.

Here is a sample of how to use it (Visual Basic Script):

fnt = PDF.AddFont(“Arial”, false, false, false, false, fcDefault)
PDF.UseFont fnt, 14
PDF.ShowTextParagraph x, y, paJustify, interval, marginLeft, marginTop, marginRight, marginBottom, paragr_Text

So now, for example, you may convert your favourite text book to the PDF format for your eBook reader.

Here you may find Visual Basic Script samples that convert TXT file to a PDF (ASCII and Unicode versions):

  1. install the library,
  2. download and unpack scripts,
  3. run the script,
  4. get the PDF book.

Max Filimonov,
Two Pilots Developers Team.

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