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How to order our products
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Ordeing questions

Download questions


Ordeing questions

  1. How to order a software application on CD?

  2. I don't have a credit card. Is there an alternative payment method for the product?

  3. I would prefer to pay for the product in my local currency.

  4. If I order now, when will I get my registration code?

  5. I am going to buy the program, but I see no field to enter the registration code in.

    The demo version does not have the registration option. When you buy the program, you will get instructions of how to register.
  6. I need an invoice. How do I get it?

  7. How can I buy using the 'Proforma Invoice' method?

  8. Can I order using the 'Purchase Order' method?

    The registration service we use does not accept true Purchase Orders. You still need to pay before receiving the product. So you can place an order which gives an 'invoice' and have your accounting department cut the payment.
  9. I made two orders and I am going to pay using wire transfer method. Is it possible for me to make only one wire transfer for these two orders?

    You can send one wire transfer for two orders, you just need to ensure that BOTH order numbers are included in the subject title. Note that you do not have to pay an additional wire transfer processing fee (for each order separately); you only have to pay it once, for a single wire transfer.


Download questions

  1. How to download a file?

  2. I have problems downloading a file.

  3. I have downloaded a file, but when I run the setup file, I get the "File is corrupted" message.

  4. Your server does not respond.

  5. I tried downloading the full version using a special link you sent me, but was unable to do it. All that I get is the demo version and can't put in my registration code.

  6. The program cannot be downloaded without getting a notice from Microsoft that you are an UNKNOWN PUBLISHER and that there may be risk associated with your download.


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