OrgPilot – manage all your texts in one place!

With our new program OrgPilot, you can manage all your texts in one place. It lets you keep your templates, lists, technical documentation, etc. within touch. You can easily search and retrieve your texts.

OrgPilot applying area

For whom can OrgPilot be useful?

  • For technical support department in each company, preferably company of a small or middle size, also for translation centers or for an individual translator to create dictionary or phrases translations, for accountants to easily store and fast retrieve their templates, invoices etc.
  • For managers that have a lot of accounts, logins or passwords.
  • For programmers that want to create their technical documents and to reduce the number of HTML codes for example written by hand every time.
  • For individuals, readers, book lovers, scientists that want to enumerate all the books that they have in their home libraries and maybe to add their description to them!

For more infomation, visit the program page: