OrgPilot for Mac – text manager for storing & retrieving text

OrgPilot for Mac is a text management software. Create your own database of templates, notes, to-do lists, etc. The program lets you make your texts visible and easy to find.

OrgPilot for Mac screenshot

OrgPilot for Mac allows you to manage templates, notes, signatures, quotes, documents, to-do lists, often used phrases, standard answers, code snippets, account data, technical documentation, etc. With OrgPilot, you can retrieve your text in the easiest way possible.

OrgPilot applying area


OrgPilot 1.1.9 (11.4 Mb) – Apple Mac OS X 10.14 and later.

Limitation of the trial version: the unregistered version has a trial period of 90 days.

Ordering information

Order OrgPilot for Mac* (19.95 EUR)

Your registration code will be emailed to you as soon as your order is processed.

* Technical support via email and upgrades for the first 12 months after purchase are included. If your free upgrade term has expired, you can buy the new version of the program at a 50% discount.

Versions History

March 11 2020 :: Version 1.1.9
+ Copying text from several selected cells to the clipboard has been added.
+ Interface colors for dark appearance have been fixed.

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