PDF Creator Pilot: Significant improvements in emf2pdf converter

Many companies in a creation of documents use your logos as images in the headers or footers. Usually these logos are placed on each page of the document. When we need to convert a document to PDF, then we have a problem of PDF file size reduction. The solution is using reference to the image instead of embedding the identical images on each page. Fortunately, PDF format allows us to do this. A similar problem arises in cases when on the page (s) we use several identical images. In this case, too, в can insert only one copy of image in a document, and in other places we can use just a link to this image. And the size of the output file will be significantly reduced.

Like that we were able to optimize emf2pdf converter in our PDF library. As a consequence, the size of the generated PDF file was decreased in proportion to a quantity of images contained in emf files. The below you can see comparative data, which we have obtained during testing on real emf files from our users. The size of each picture was 160 KB. Before optimize, the resulting PDF document had a size 2.9 MB, after optimization the size is 0.9 MB. So, after deletion of the same image, file size was reduced by more than 3 times. We also recommend to use compression of PDF documents for reducing the file size by using the property Compression. In some cases, this can reduce the file size in 2 or more times.

The latest version of the library is available here.

Artem Golubnichenko