PDF Mosaic Library: Announcement of pdf library

One year ago our company, Two Pilots, began to develop a new PDF library for creating, reading and editing PDF files. Our team has years of experience working with PDFs and creating a similar library: PDF Creator Pilot. Based on our experience and knowledge, we have created an absolutely new library: PDF Mosaic.

Our new library for the processing of PDF files is written in C# and is designed to work in the .NET Framework environment. For developers who program in C#, J#, Vb.Net, JScript.Net, and who need to process PDF files (create, open, paste, split, modify, and more), our PDF Mosaic library will help ease the process of developing your software products.

We have a distinct advantage. As mentioned, we have already developed our successful COM PDF library – PDF Creator Pilot. We know what developers want from a PDF library, and what capabilities and functionality users consider essential. This is what we took into account in our new library – PDF Mosaic.

During the past year, the developers of PDF Mosaic have created the necessary functionality for working with PDF files. First we did the basic work with text, images, and PDF forms. Now we are doing final testing of the capabilities of the library, writing documentation, and preparing samples. We plan the first release of PDF Mosaic library for the spring of 2011. Future posts will include more detail about the possibilities of PDF Mosaic.