Features of PDF Mosaic 1.0

Our library has more than 500 supported functions for working with PDF files. You want to create, edit, split, merge, or personalize PDF files, or create Interactive Forms. The table below shows the features that are available in the first version of the PDF Library.

Creating Interactive Forms
Edit Form Fields
Edit and create JavaScript Functions, JavaScript Actions
Text formatting, output of multi-column text
TIFF support
Color spaces DeviceGray, DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK
Native PDF Transparency for vector graphics and images
16 blend modes, ability to set the overprint mode
Vector graphics, Line Dash Patterns, Shadings, Patterns
Web links, File links, Page links, Bookmarks
File Attachment Annotations
Sound Annotations
Movie Annotations
Import of PDF files
No differentiation between client and server application
Color spaces ICCBased, DeviceN
Unlimited Delivery
Creation of PDF/A and PDF/X files planned for version 3.0
Validity check for PDF/A creation planned for version 3.0
Split and Merge PDF files, Single page import
40 Bit RC4, 128 Bit RC4/AES, 256 Bit AES Encryption
3D Annotations
Content parser to images, and vector graphics planned for version 1.1
EMF Conversion planned for version 3.0
Text Extraction, search and replace text planned for version 2.0
Digital Signatures planned for version 2.0
Create PDF documents from text files planned for version 1.1
Optional contents groups planned for version 1.1
Useful API for working with tables planned for version 1.1