PDF Mosaic version 1.1.514 has been released!

Good news! We’ve been released the next major version of PDF Mosaic Library – library to write/read/modify/fill PDF documents in .NET applications (Visual Basic.NET, C#, ASP.NET). The latest version contains a number of significant improvements and new features.

New Featires and Improvements:

  • Added property PDFEditBox.TextRotationAngle;
  • Added methods PDFDocument.Append and PDFDocument.SaveRange;
  • Added support for Type1 and OpenType fonts;
  • Added methods PDFFont.FromFile and PDFFont.FromStream;
  • Added the ability to extract text – PDFPage.GetText;
  • Added optional content support – PDFOptionalContents, PDFLayer etc.;
  • Added support for managment of tables;
  • Added more samples;
  • Improved parsing of existing documents.

Download PDF Mosaic 1.1.514 now and give it a try. Check out the Samples and Manual to help you get started. The Tutorial is good for just getting started.