PDF Reports

PDF reports are very popular in the business. Reports can be produced in the real-time, reports can be personalized, and reports can use a database. The advantage of the PDF reports is platform independent.

PDF Mosaic .NET SDK is suitable library to generate rich pdf reports with text, tables, images, annotations, media. PDF Mosaic has the ability to generate PDF tables. Let’s talk about PDF tables. With help of PDF Mosaic .NET SDK you can draw tables. Start with PDFMosaic.PDFTable class for creating an instance of a table. Then add new rows and column using properties Rows and Columns of the table object. Also, you can set the color of the background, border, border style. You can use advanced text string format, fonts, and color of the text. At the final, draw a table on PDF page by calling method DrawTable of the page canvas. See the following example for drawing table with help of out .NET library for generating PDF documents: click to see example.

If you need to generate PDF reports with tables for your customer, PDF Mosaic .NET is a good solution for your tasks. Drawing of tables with help of PDF Mosaic SDK is easy and simple. Download free library for .NET and try it: free download.