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PDF Filler Pilot version history

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PDF Filler Pilot version history

December 25 2008 :: Version 1.35
+ added setting the orientation and the sizes of each page
+ added the ability to input a font size manually
+ the templates folder and a shelf file are transferred to the "My documents" folder
+ improved EMF support:
Documents created basåd on EMF are smaller
than documents based on raster formats.
You can create documents based on EMF in two ways:
1) Choose command "New | Using image" and open an EMF file.
2) Print the document on the virtual printer.
When saving documents created based on EMF in PDF format, the corresponding PDF files are also small in size.

July 10 2008 :: Version 1.33
+ Added the ability to set the tab order with a mouse.
~ In the page settings, you can switch off automatic application of settings to the printer.

February 7 2008 :: Version 1.32
* The "Freehand Line" tool has been improved.
* New virtual driver.

March 7 2007 :: Version 1.29.01
+ New virtual driver.

December 1 2006 :: Version 1.29
+ The image compression option for PDF documents has been added to allow you to reduce a file size;
+ The support of the GIF and TIFF with LZW-compression formats has been added;
* The database search function has been fixed (improved). It works faster now. Also, the function now can search the text through all pages in a multipage document at once (without from-page-to-page manual switches);
* Internal bug-fixes;
* Documentation update.


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