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What specific tasks do our customers use PDF Creator Pilot for?

(for versions 4.3 and lower)


Convert any file to PDF

Save some data to PDF file

Automating of business processes

Create and fill PDF forms

Generate PDF reports

Using PDF Creator Pilot in Web Applications

Create PDF tables

Manipulate with PDF files


Convert any file to PDF

I am trying the PDF Creator Pilot library as a means of creating a PDF file from an EMF structure. The PDF file contains Chinese Unicode characters.


I convert text files to PDF with the help of PDF Creator Pilot.


I have lots of pictures I generate PDF files from. I do it with the help of PDF Creator Pilot.


I have an application that creates files in the PDF format out of Enhanced Metafiles (EMF) with the help of PDF Creator Pilot.

Please take a look at the methods:


I am engaged in the development of a virtual printer that could print files in the PDF format and I am going to deliver this software product to my customers.

Please take a look at the methods:


What I need to do is convert a barcode image to a PDF file and put this barcode on a label. The component we are using at the moment always adds 1/4-inch margins to every label so we cannot print the image on a small sheet.

Using our PDF Creator Pilot you may add an image to PDF at any location, and set any margins (even negative). If you have the BarCode font, you can print a text in a PDF using this font; it will create a printer barcode.


We use the PDF Creator Pilot library to convert old in-patient files into a digital form with the help of our scanning program.


We have some documents we want to convert from HTML to PDF in Internet Explorer. We have gone through some options and now we are thinking about purchasing HTML2PDF-X Pilot.

HTML2PDF-X Pilot can create PDF documents from HTML files and strings with HTML code. It supports URL conversion and image linking. The library includes detailed documentation together with step-by-step tutorials for most popular programming languages.


I need my application to be able to create PDF files by converting entire web pages into this format.

You need HTML2PDF-X Pilot - a library for converting HTML to PDF using the WebKit layout engine.


I have an application on the web server that I need to convert HTML documents into PDF files. It is supposed to put together 300 dpi images and text to get 8.5x11 documents. The output resolution must be 300 dpi. Can any of your software products do that for me?

You need HTML2PDF-X Pilot - a library for converting HTML to PDF using the WebKit layout engine.



Save some data to PDF file

I have been searching for software that can convert C# code to a plain PDF file. There is no need for any special formatting in the reports, it is just data in a dataset with some simple formatting that we need in a PDF file. The program has to simply go through the dataset and save the data to the PDF object.

Please see the methods for manipulations with tables.


I work as a software developer in C++ and C#. Currently, I am engaged in developing a commercial ad campaign program. Along with other features, it creates press advertisements for printing in the PDF format. The requirements are 300-dpi full-color images with alpha transparency. This is why I am interested in your PDF Creator Pilot.


I use PDF Creator Pilot to prepare graphics for the newspaper to be printed later.


For more than one year, we have been successfully using PDF Creator Pilot to export PDF files from our Windows applications for designing and analyzing cameras.


There is a program I created some time ago for a client of mine. Now I have to add PDF output to that legacy app. They have no PDFWriter spread throughout their database of users. What I have in mind is generate pages with the help of the Windows GDI and use a driver that would output them. I am okay with the GDI, but I am open to other options as well.


I have a need for a multi-layer PDF file. The application should use a map in the JPEG format to create a page and then place about a dozen layers consisting of various GIF files over the main image. All those images are created in a Visual Basic program that uses data from CSV files.

Is it possible for PDF Creator Pilot to create PDF files with multiple layers?

Yes. Here is a sample.


I have a PDF file with a number of pages. I need a brief audio description for it on the first page.

You may put a sound annotation (WAVE, AU, AIFF or AIFF-C file) by calling the AddSoundAnnotation method or its Unicode version AddUnicodeSoundAnnotation

What I want to add there is a playback start/stop button for playing the audio file.

Clicking the annotation icon (in Adobe Acrobat or another viewer) will start it playing.


My company gave me the task to create a program that would be used by architects. They need to open a PDF file or an image with a floor plan and draw rectangles on it (plan the rooms). Based on that, some calculations need to be done.

Can you tell me if the PDF Creator Pilot library will solve my problem?

Yes, PDF Creator Pilot allows you to draw lines, rectangles, and other simple graphics primitives. See our samples.

Also, you can write text to PDF documents using our PDF library.

Please see the full list of methods for drawing graphics and text:


We create letters that contain a graphical image. Can the image be cached in the PDF?

Yes. See the following methods: AddImageFromBuffer , Methods for image manipulation.



Automating of business processes

Right now I am in the middle of developing a web system that can send a confirmation letter in the PDF format for my client. I think I am going to choose PDF Creator Pilot.


As an independent developer, I need to modify a program printing invoices so that it could have the option of sending PDF files.


We included PDF Creator Pilot in our program where it creates quotations in the PDF format and sends them to our clients.


At the moment we have to get our invoices as Microsoft Snapshot files from our VBA program, but we want our invoices to be generated as PDF files. Can your software do that?

You can use PDF Creator Pilot. It is a COM library which allows creation of PDF files.


I have an application written in Delphi 5 and I want it to be able to create/print and send via e-mail invoices and orders in the form of PDF files.


I work as an independent technical support specialist for a not very large restaurant chain in the south-east of the US. I have developed a personal database that tracks my projects and a program that generates invoices (instead of bookkeeping in Excel) and I want your library to make it easier to print invoices in it.


At the moment I am trying PDF Creator Pilot 4 as an invoice printing tool for our small organization. We have a VB6 desktop app that creates invoices and we may need to generate from 100 to 500+ invoices at a time.



Create and fill PDF forms

What I need to get in the end is a PDF template (e.g. a ticket to a show) with some fields (date, time or name) on it that I could fill in using ASP/VBscript in order to get the final PDF file for printing.

I recommend that you use HTML2PDF-X Pilot. You can prepare HTML templates, then fill them with required data and convert them to a PDF.


I have a PDF file with a form on it the fields of which I need to fill out with the help of VB6 (after I open this form with VB6). Is there any way I can use your library for that? Could you provide me with an example?

Our library supports editing a PDF file with fields. For filling forms, you need to know the names of the fields. Then you need to use the following properties:

AnnotUnicodeText - This property gets or sets the Unicode text value for ComBobox, edit, or text annotation controls;
ControlChecked - This property gets or sets the value indicating the checked state of controls, etc.

Here is an example for filling a PDF:

Set PDF = CreateObject("PDFCreatorPilot.PDFDocument4")
PDF.SetLicenseData "demo@demo", "demo"

PDF.Open "WCB PPI.pdf", ""

PDF.CurrentAnnotation = 0

if (PDF.ControlName = "tClaimNum") then
PDF.AnnotUnicodeText = "145679"
end if

PDF.SaveToFile "WCB PPI edeted.pdf", true


I would like to know if I can not only create PDF files with PDF Creator Pilot, but also specify Acroforms values with it. And also, can your library save those files as plain PDF files (with the specified fields)? Thanks in advance.

Sure. The property ControlChecked will get/set a "checked" state for a checkbox and the property AnnotUnicodeText will get a text written in an editbox or combo box. You may find more useful methods/properties in the documentation. If you want to read an existing PDF and set some values, then it would work this way:

**** VBS sample
pdf.Open("file.pdf", "pass")
annots = pdf.GetAnnotCount() 'total number of annotations/controls
for i=0 to annots-1
pdf.CurrentAnnotation = i 'set current annotation
curName = pdf.ControlName 'get it's name
curType = pdf.GetAnnotType() 'and type

if curType = atEdit and curName = "PhoneNumber" then
oldText = pdf.AnnotUnicodeText
pdf.AnnotUnicodeText = "+1 (800) " + oldText
end if


The users fill in a form and share the final file with their friends/partners, etc.


I want to know if the software that creates an editable form and after the form is submitted e-mails it and generates a PDF form for printing is still available.

PDF Creator Pilot can generate a PDF form that can be filled out. The generated form can also be printed. See sample code here.



Generate PDF reports

The PDF Creator Pilot library is incorporated in our medical program in order to export treatment reports and add them to an archive.


I wrote a software program where I would like users to be able to automatically save a VB6 data-generated report as a PDF file. After that I would add the code and send the file via e-mail so that there would not be any input from the user. This is what I use PDF Creator Pilot for.


Our goal is to create a sophisticated report based on all kinds of data from a database, images, rich text. All that is put on a picture box with the help of VB 6.0.

At the moment, this application is being developed with VB and VS 2005 and we would like it to be generated as a PDF file instead of a picture box and this final document should be saved (or edited) or printed as a multi-page PDF file, which is the task for PDF Creator Pilot.


We develop report generation software and offer it to our customers. We are considering changing the format of our reports to PDF, which would allow our users to create, view and save reports in the PDF format. We want to create and send the exe files of our application to our customers.



Using PDF Creator Pilot in Web Applications

We are going to sell the application that is currently under development to our customers. It will be resident on the customers' web servers and build PDF files in memory.


I am currently working on a website in ASP.NET with C#. What I want my site to do is to create the PDF receipts of users' purchases in the automatic mode and e-mail those receipts to them.


I hope you can help me cope with my task. I am developing a web app in ASP.NET that needs to create PDF files out of data stored in its database.


I need to create a PDF form with the help of ASP.NET in C#. There is some text and a JPEG image embedded in the form using dynamically generated data from an SQL database.

What I want to know is whether I can use your PDF Creator Pilot library (in C#) to generate a form (Acroforms) with editable fields (e.g. a text box in ASP.NET) in a PDF file that the user can fill out in Adobe Acrobat Reader and then save as the same PDF file.

PDF Creator Pilot is a COM library that accessible from any application that works with COM (.NET of course can do this).

So you need to:
1) Install PDF Creator Pilot to the target machine.
2) Add PDF Creator Pilot to your .NET project.
3) Create a PDF.

The user will be able open the PDF saved and editable fields.

These links might be helpful for you:
Help page
Step by step
How to use PDF Creator Pilot on x64 systems with Microsoft Visual Studio.
What you should know before deploying your .NET application that uses PDF Creator Pilot and HTML2PDF Addon to another server.



Create PDF tables

We have a project where we need to export some text documents to the PDF format and attach them to e-mail messages. The documents will contain text in the form of a table. What I need is write a string and generate it in PDF. The string is presented in the table, which means that I need to generate both the string and the table in PDF. The text will be dynamically generated from the database and the output format will be the same as you can see on the chart:

Is it possible to generate the table as well as the string in PDF?

I can use HTML tags to write the text and the table in code behind like the format:

What do I do to generate the entire text and the table in the PDF format?

Here is the sample VBScript which produces a PDF with tabular data.



Manipulate with PDF files

I am developing some software that requires a library that would not only generate PDF files, but also open and search PDFs for some specified text so that it could return the page number of the first match to the program, for instance.


Our customer sent us a huge number of PDF files. What we need is make some changes in them and then add page numbers to these files.


Our goal is to create an application that adds information to PDF files and displays them on the screen after that. As far as I understand, your software can change PDF files, but can it print those files or just export the changed PDF files to web pages? Is it possible to display the results of the changes on the screen?

- Yes, our library allows conversion to a PDF. You can get your result as a PDF file or as bytes in memory (also in PDF format). To display a PDF, you must have Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, or another viewer. At the moment we do not have our own PDF Viewer; however, we are working on this.


What I am currently searching for is a Delphi VCL component (with its source code) that would make it possible to quickly merge PDF files. The faster it would do it, the better.


We need a component that would add a name and date to a PDF file by means of not ASP.NET but just ASP. This PDF file does not have to be saved, just printed and displayed on the screen. Are there any products among your software that can add this kind of text to PDF files?

Yes, PDF Creator Pilot can do this.


I need your library to open a ready PDF file and add some links to it (both internal (to pages) and external). Can it do that?

You may open a PDF and manually add any link you want. Please read more here.


There is a certificate on my website that users can access. What I need is that they could enter their names into this certificate and print it for whatever they may need it. There is no requirement for keeping the track of who accesses and prints it, but it would be nice if they could resize the certificate (although it is not a requirement as well). Is there a program that I can use for that?

If you have your certificate scanned to a PDF or image, then you may do the following with the help of PDF Creator Pilot:

1) Open the certificate PDF file (or create a new PDF and insert a scanned image).
2) Add a text string with a user name to a specified location.
3) Save the PDF and send it to a user.


We use your software to rearrange the pages in an existing PDF file so that they would fit into a medical report created in another program. We also add another ready PDF file with info to that very report file. What we need after that is to send the final PDF file to our customers via e-mail. All these operations will be carried out on a local office computer.


I think your PDF Creator Pilot could help us solve some problem. Our company is searching for a library that processes PDF files and that we could use in our software. This library needs to take an existing PDF file (a template), add some data to it (text or images) and save it as a new PDF file. Can PDF Creator Pilot do that for us?


We need to put together separate PDF files and we use the PDF Creator Pilot libraries for that.


My question is if there is a way to split huge PDF files (with a lot of pages) into smaller ones with the help of PDF Creator Pilot. Suppose we need a 100-page PDF file to be converted into 50 2-page files - is it possible? Or maybe there is some workaround that would solve the problem?

You may use the new method SaveRangeToFile(BSTR fileNameToSave, LONG startPageIndex, LONG endPageIndex, VARIANT_BOOL autolaunch); This method will try to create and save a new PDF file with pages from startPageIndex to endPageIndex.


What we will need to do in the first place is open a PDF file, make some changes in it, copy and print restrictions, enable password protection and save the file. I cannot get it how to open and edit an existing PDF file. Does your library support this kind of operations?

Yes, PDF Creator Pilot may create and open existing PDFs, change a copy and print restrictions. See more details here:


The features that I need in the library are as follows: opening and merging PDF files, creating and removing pages in PDF documents.

Yes, PDF Creator Pilot supports both features.

Reading and merging existing PDF documents - see the example code here:

Adding and deleting a PDF document's pages - see the example code here:


Our aim is to get a PDF file that can be printed, but the text from which cannot be copied. Can your library do that and how can we do it?

Yes, it is possible. You need to use the document protection and encryption methods and properties. See more details here.



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