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Features Available with PDF Maker Pilot


Document Formats. Form-filling.

Drawing Objects

Drawing objects than can be used for making PDF forms:

  • Images.
  • Text lables and fillable fields.
  • Tables.
  • Check boxes and radio buttons.
  • Arrows and size arrows.
  • Braces.
  • Lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygones, freehand lines.
See examples of using the drawing objects...

Text Features

  • Ability to set text field width.
  • Ability to type from right to left.
  • Word Wrap.
  • Ability to select line spacing in text.

Form-filling and form-printing

  • Printing, including the batch printing.
  • Ability to use printer fonts to speed-up printing on pre-printed paper forms.
  • Filling out preprinted forms


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