Examples of photo correction in Perspective Pilot

Perspective distortions are often visible on the urban landscape and in the architectural photography:

Perspective correction of urban landscape - original       Perspective correction of urban landscape - result

A city view, Moscow

Perspective correction in architectural photography - original       Perspective correction in architectural photography - result

The St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican

Correction of distortion:

Correction of Perspective distortion - original       Correction of perspective distortion - result

St. Petersburg

The program also allows adjusting the angle of the horizon line by setting it as the horizontal line:

Adjusting angle of the horizon line - original       Adjusting angle of the horizon line - result

On the lake Kedrozero, Karelia

A visual slope often takes place on amateur photographs of urban landscapes and on architectural photographs as well. You can correct it quickly and easily by setting a line above the identical architectural elements as the horizontal axle:

Correction of visual slope - original       Correction of visual slope - result

The Isakievskii Cathedral, St. Petersburg

The following photo was corrected in Perspecitve Pilot by pointing a segment using the “Four-point perspective correction” tool:

Four-point perspective correction - original       Four-point perspective correction - result

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

Correction of a distorted floor plan:

Correction of a distorted floor plan - original       Correction of a distorted floor plan - result

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