Perspective Pilot (+ Plugin) – perspective correction software

Perspective distortions often appear in the architectural building photography and urban landscape photography. Such distortions arise from taking an urban landscape using a wide-angle lens and also may be caused by inappropriate aspect angle.

Perspective Pilot is specially designed software for perspective correction of a photo:


Photo © Simon Joinson, Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom


Two main tools will help you to correct perspective:

Perspective correction using reference lines

Perspective correction using reference lines - Step 1 1. Draw a line along a horizontal or vertical object in the center of the photo. The program will rotate the image accordingly.
Perspective correction using reference lines - Step 2 2. Draw a line along a horizontal or vertical object closer to the edge of the photo. The program will perform the Perspective transformation.
Perspective correction using reference lines - Step 3 3. If you draw the lines while holding the Ctrl key, the program will determine the position of the line according to the most contrasting border of the object.


Four-points perspective correction

Four-points perspective correction - Step 1 1. Point the four corners of the object that should be rectangular.
Four-points perspective correction - Step 2 2. Click the Apply button to complete correction.


The program automatically crops the external edges arising after photo correction.

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Perspective Pilot can be used as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop or another compatible program More…

Limitation of the trial version: the software allows you to save the image in a special format (.tpi). After purchasing, you will be able to open your TPI images in the full registered version of the program and save them in any of the JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP formats.

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Versions History

February 10 2021 :: Version 3.14.0
+ Adobe Photoshop 2020, 2021 automatic set-up of the plugin has been added.

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