Print your images on 10×15 (cm) photo paper

To print your image in 10 x 15 cm print format on one sheet of paper, use “Borderless” mode. Most up-to-date photo printers have this mode. Some printers can print without margins on the top, left, and right, but a little box appears at the bottom of the page. For them there is a special photo paper with a tear-off field.

Run Photo Print Pilot; go to “File | Page Settings…” at the main menu.

Set options Paper Size: “A6 10.5×14.8 cm” and Margins: “Borderless”.

After selection images, the window with the layout selector will appear in Photo Print Pilot:

When you are satisfied with the arrangement and cropping, click the Print button.

You can print with “Borderless” mode only on special Photo Paper, so set the type of paper in the printer properties, click the Preferences button.

Note: Your window may look a little different depending on which printer you are using.

When you have chosen the desired settings, click Print to start the printing process.


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