How to print a photo on 10×15 (cm) paper

If you want to print photos on a 10 cm x 15 cm paper using your home printer, you can do so with the help of our Photo Print Pilot. After you have downloaded the photo print software, use the following instructions:

To print your image in 10 x 15 cm print format on one sheet of paper, use “Borderless” mode. Most up-to-date photo printers have this mode. Some printers can print without margins on the top, left, and right, but a little box appears at the bottom of the page. For them there is a special photo paper with a tear-off field.

Run Photo Print Pilot; go to “File | Page Settings…” at the main menu.

Photo Print Pilot - Page Settings

Set options Paper Size: “A6 10.5×14.8 cm” and Margins: “Borderless”.

After selection images, the window with the layout selector will appear in Photo Print Pilot:

Select a Layout in Photo Print Pilot></p>

<p>When you are satisfied with the arrangement and cropping, click the Print button.</p>

<p class=Click the Print button></p>

<p>You can print with “Borderless” mode only on special Photo Paper, so set the type of paper in the printer properties, click the Preferences button.</p>

<p class=Set the type of paper

Note: Your window may look a little different depending on which printer you are using.

When you have chosen the desired settings, click Print to start the printing process.


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