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Photo Print Pilot version history

October 15 2018 :: Version 2.10.0
+ Added parameter: "Print photos in a frame".

August 4 2018 :: Version 2.9.0
+ Work with the photos in memory has been improved;
* The bug related to large images has been fixed.

April 11 2018 :: Version 2.8.0
+ Added parameter: "Maximal number of pages in print job".
If you set a large number of print sheets, the print job is split into several parts.
It saves memory, printing starts faster.

December 14 2016 :: Version 2.7.1
* The format of the print date has been fixed;
+ Added the displayed frame when printing photos;
+ The program interface has been improved;
+ Now you can open to run programs for photo editing.

November 11 2015 :: Version 2.6.1
+ The algorithm for photos rotation according to EXIF has been improved.

January 12 2015 :: Version 2.5.2
* The bug related to printing the date has been fixed;
+ The crop tool has been improved.

March 27 2014 :: Version 2.4.1
+ The Next Image and Previous Image buttons in the crop window have been added;
+ Now the program saves the path to the last active project;
* The bug with rearrangement photos on the layout has been fixed.

March 14 2014 :: Version 2.3.0
* The bug with displaying PNG files in the preview mode has been fixed.

February 13 2014 :: Version 2.2.1
* Quality of the printed images has been improved;
* Now the error message about reading the hard disk drive is appeared correctly.

January 15 2014 :: Version 2.1.3
+ Now when you switch the program modes, the Available Images and Arrange Images windows are showed.
+ Now you can open the toolbar from the menu;
+ Now the directory tree and the Available Images window are updated automaticly;
* Interface of the Available Images window has been improved.

December 16 2013 :: Version 2.0.6
+ The program interface has been improved;
+ Now you can drag and drop images from the image list to the printing page;
+ Now the image is oriented according to the value of its EXIF Orientation tag;
+ Now you can choose the language of the program interface;
+ A menu allowing sorting of images according to their names, extensions, sizes, and modification times has been added;
+ Now a custom size of paper and printing fields can be set;
+ A dialog box for editing the list of photo sizes has been added;
+ Now after changing the paper size, the program rearranges photos on the layout;
+ Now you can rearrange photos on the selected or all pages;
+ Now you can print the selected project pages;
+ The project can be saved as a project file.

September 6 2013 :: Version 1.6.0
* The bug related to displaying the "Outside the Image" button in the view mode has been fixed.

September 4 2013 :: Version 1.5.4
+ Printing an image with white fields without cropping is available;
+ An automatic cropping feature has been added;
+ An Outside the Image option for the manual crop tool has been added;
+ Now you can apply cropping using a double mouse click;
* The bug related to printing the date and the demo text on the white margin has been fixed;
+ Documentation updated.

January 26 2013 :: Version 1.4.0
* The bug related to printing two images on the A4 page in borderless mode has been fixed.

July 11 2012 :: Version 1.3.0
+ Now the wizard of printer properties and pattern before arrange on layout are available;
* The "Printer selected is not valid" bug has been fixed;
+ European standard photo sizes in centimetres have been added: 3*4, 3.5*4, 3.5*4.5, 4*5, 5*6, 5*7, 6*8, 6*9, 9*13.
+ American standard photo sizes in inches have been added: 1*1.5, 1.5*1.5, 1.5*2, 2*2, 2*2.75, 2.5*3.5.

June 13 2008 :: Version 1.2.1
Some bugs were fixed.

June 7 2008 :: Version 1.2
+ Saving printer settings and current print template

August 28 2007 :: Version 1.1.2
* Minor bug appeared during installation has been fixed.

August 24 2007 :: Version 1.1
+ You can refresh the list of folders and available files using the View | Refresh option from the main menu.
+ You can set the printing date so dates will be entered on the printed images.
+ An image rotation feature has been added.


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