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June 5th, 2006

For Immediate Release

Contact: Nonna L. Garbar, (773) 764-5306


Two Pilots has released Composition Pilot, a Windows application that allows you to place composition frames over images to help you find the most harmonious way of arranging objects in your photos.

What is a photograph? It is a story. And a story is a series of sentences connected to each other. The same is true about photography. "If you, an artist, the one who cannot manage figures, you look like an orator who cannot manage words" (Leonardo da Vinci). To create a photograph, it is not enough just to take an image of something. The first impression from a photograph is determined by the composition balance of an image.

How can we increase the expressive qualities of a photo? It took humans thousands years to develop the principles of picture composition. You can learn some of the most important ones by taking a few minutes to read our article about photo composition rules. With Composition Pilot software you will be able to apply the "golden rules" of composition to your images. Look at your photos through our photo composition frames! Make your stories come true!

The program works on Windows 2000/XP/2003 platforms.

Product page:

Composition Pilot costs $24.95 for a single-user license. For more information about Composition Pilot contact Nonna L. Garbar at Two Pilots. Voice: (773) 764-5306. Fax: (707) 924-1267

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request.



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