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March 05th, 2004

For Immediate Release

Contact: Nonna L. Garbar, (773) 764-5306

Create PDF in Visual Basic and ASP easily

Two Pilots released the new version of PDF Creator Pilot, a library for creating PDF files in Visual Basic, ASP, Visual C++ and .NET.

Do you need PDF support, but the libraries you tried are either too complicated or two expensive? PDF Creator Pilot is a well-balanced solution with all the "proteins and fiber" your users need.

This library:

  • offers royalty-free PDF generation
  • supports Unicode
  • Supports hDC, enabling you to draw directly inside a generated PDF document using WinAPI GDI functions.
  • is capable of creating PDF documents online through a web-server on the fly.

PDF Creator Pilot includes detailed documentation together with the step-by-step tutorials. You can find 'Hello, PDF!' examples on the library web-page.

The library works on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. A single developer license costs $299. Other licensing options are available. For more information about PDF Creator Pilot contact Nonna L. Garbar at Two Pilots. Voice: (773) 764-5306.
Fax: (707) 924-1267

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The trial version is fully functional and does not have any time restrictions.



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