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May 23th, 2007

For Immediate Release

Contact: Nonna L. Garbar, (773) 764-5306


Two Pilots is pleased to announce x64 editions of PDF Creator Pilot and the HTML2PDF Add-on for PDF Creator Pilot. Current users and new users now have exciting new extended capabilities with these versions as well as the new x64 editions of custom virtual printers.

Life goes fast in IT world. Many of your customers already use or are planning to use the x64 editions of Microsoft operating systems and want your solutions to support such rich environments. We are pleased to be able help you with this task.

PDF Creator Pilot, add-ons and printers works on all Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista platforms.
For more information please see:

For more information about the x64 editions of our products contact Nonna L.Garbar at Two Pilots. Voice: (773) 764-5306. Fax: (707) 924-1267.

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Any requests and/or comments are welcome.



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