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Create PDF Presentations with PDF Presentation Pilot


PDF Presentation Pilot software is a handy tool for creating presentations. The presentation consists of slides that may include text, images, and shapes.

When you run this PDF presentation creator, a blank slide for your new presentation appears in the program window. At this point, you can add:
- a background using a Shape item (e.g. Rectangle);
- slide text using a Text item;
- a picture using an Image item.

The PDF presentation creator program window

While working with a presentation, you can preview the result.

A presentation can be saved as an XML file (for later editing) or as a PDF file.


System requirements

Windows XP, Vista with .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

If you don't have .NET Framework 2.0 installed, you can find it here...


Download free full version

Download PDF Presentation Pilot 1.1 (3.2M)

PDF Presentation Pilot is distributed as freeware.


PDF library

The PDF Presentation Pilot program creates PDF documents using the PDF Creator Pilot library. More about PDF Creator Pilot...


PDF Presentations Examles

- Using Text in Presentations

- Using Images in Presentations

- Using Shapes in Presentations


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