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We offer the following two ways for reselling our products:

  1. You can buy a 10-license package (you will get 10 registration codes) at a 25% discount and resell these licenses to your clients.

    In order to have the opportunity to supply the end users with technical support and notifications about program upgrades, we require all information about your clients.

    If you are interested in such a package, please let us know and we will send you a special link to use to pay for a package of this kind.

  2. We provide you with a batch of license keys and links to download the product.

    You create a product page and promote the product.

    You automatically assign license keys to the customers when they purchase the product and notify us when each sale goes through.

    You pay in the next month for all sales made in the previous month.

    We need to look at an example of automatic email notification containing the information about a customer that we will receive after each purchasing.

In the both cases we can provide you only with our original software without any special alteration of the products.


Two Pilots Software Reseller Agreement: HTML-version | RTF-version


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