Retouch Pilot – Demo Examples

Retouch Pilot is supplied with demo examples (selfshow technology). To run them, click menu Demonstration and choose an example to play:

Retouch Pilot Demo Examples
You can see these examples online as well. We recommend using full screen mode.


1. Scratch Eraser: 1. Click. 2.Press and move.

How to remove scratches from old photos.


2. Change Tool Size

Scratch eraser in action.


3. Using Undo Brush

Photo restoration.


4. Tinter: Coloring the object

How to recover photo background in a damaged photo.


5. Scratch Eraser: Trial Mode

Photo retouching.


6. Scratch Eraser: Background Noise

How to restore photo background in an old photo.


7. Liquify: Face Plastic

How to edit face in photo.


8. Liquify: Body Plastic

How to edit body shape in photo.


9. Legend

How to add text to a photo.


10. Smart Patch: Basic use

How to remove unwanted object from a photo.


11. Smart Patch: Variegated background

Using object remover tool to erase unwanted objects.


12. Smart Patch: Color Adjustment

How to erase object from photo.


13. Smart Patch: Rotation / Reflection

How to rotate object in a picture.


14. Auto Patch: Basic use

How to remove people from photo.


15. Auto Patch: Closed Regions

Removing unwanted objects from a photo.