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The Elastic Tool

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Plastic and deformation

The Elastic tool allows you to change form and proportions. The border of the corrected area moves as you adjust the tool circle. (See the example in the photo at the left.) Smoothness of the deformation depends on your choice of one of the four brushes.

You can make cosmetic changes on photographs - correct the overall form and lines of a person, reform the body, create comic collages, and much more:

Examples of Elastic tool potential uses include:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Increasing / decreasing the size of lips, eyes, chin
  • Changing the contour of face, lips, eyebrows
  • Changing bust size
  • Correction of the overall figure
  • Body-building






An example of corrections (form of the nose was changed a little and lip size was increased):

changing the contour of lips and nose


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