What people are saying about Color Pilot

“The result is immediately visible with the reference colors, which is much more time-consuming with other programs. There are programs that automatically set, for example, the white balance, but they are not able to adjust the colors to a shade of my choice. If I want to set several images to the same color, I can do it in a few seconds with Pilot.

A procedure that is probably rarely used by others when I manually colorize black-and-white images. With the majority of manually colored images (especially with automatic colors) it is always can be see that the colors are not real. In such cases, it is enough to find a similar color with Pilot, which can be made perfect with a color, copied from a reference image.”

S Laszlo

“Thanks again & I am very pleased with the program – so much easier and quicker (and for me personally so much more reliable) than several dozens (at least) keystrokes on Photoshop.”

Len Haskew

“Well done! I am a computer graphic artist and do a lot of photographic retouching and colorization of old turn-of -the-century black and white photos. My job will now be easier. Thanks”

Warren Flarity

“It’s great for somebody like me that’s a novice. Your tutorials are great help.”

Howard Davis

“I have a Polaroid PDC 640 digital camera. Without your software, most of the pictures would be typical of a low cost digital camera, ie. weak, out of color tones due to poor lighting, some unusable. But, thanks to your program, I acquire the images directly off the camera and “tweak” them before saving them. It has made a HUGE difference in the quality of my pictures I take of my family, friends, and of other things!!”

Vernon Jenewein

“I recently converted 400 slides to digital format, and with that large number had to use a program that would correct the color of many files at a time. This was sufficient in some cases, but there were some real problems that couldn’t be corrected this way. Color Pilot to the rescue! It restored colors in photos that nothing else could, and for this project alone it was well worth the small price. I wouldn’t be without this powerful program – especially since I’m not the best photographer and foresee many uses ahead! Thank you”

Tina Lindsay

“Color Pilot is now the ONE plug in for Paint Shop Pro (perhaps just Semi-Pro would be better?) that I use on EVERY image. If you try it you will be ‘hooked’ on it, just as I am.”

Charles Prichard

“I’ve never been happy with my digital camera after using my 35mm camera for so many years. Color Pilot has changed that. I can now get as good color quality with my Hewlett Packard digicam as I am acustomed to with my 35mm camera. Thanks for a wonderful program!”

Nathan Lindsey

“Thank YOU for WRITING Color Pilot! I have been looking for years for a plug-in like this!

I was on a deadline today to work with some photos taken with a digital camera. There was significant color shift in almost every picture, and I could not find a consistent set of adjustments that would work with the photos… every photo would have to be adjusted by hand. It looked like it was going to take all day to finish the job.

I decided to do some web searches again to see if there was anything that could help me, and I found a link to your site. I tried the trial version, and it seemed to do the job. I registered the program and applied the upgrade and registration code, and finished the project in under an hour!”

Kurt G. Schumacher

“I have been an avid Paint Shop Pro user for several years and love it! But at times, it can not fill my requirements when color matching. It can be very time consuming to make the these color alterations and adjustments. Whereas, I found your program at Winfile.com and it is to excellent!”

John Steiger

“When I tried your program, I was so impressed by what it could do and the tutorials so much better than a help file. Some of the things could be done, perhaps, in Photoshop but it would take hours. Selecting a part, lightening or darkening it, making colour corrections etc. you do it all in a few steps in your program accurately, I am still amazed. Our dollar is only worth 52cents so I am careful downloading anything, but I paid for yours straight away.”

Naval Pols

“This program uses system resources very sparingly, consequently it can give older machines a new lease of life, or even be used with Macintoshes running Windows emulation programs.”

Dosvidanya Michael

“Your program does for digital cameras what cheese does for pizza.”

Anthony Scannelli

“Dear Color Pilot Team, Am I glad I was introduced to COLOR PILOT by a friend who found it in ZDnet.com. After I tried the shareware version for one night, I knew I had to have it. I have just started using photo programs and your product makes things so simple. I would urge anyone who like working with images to purchase this excellent program and enjoy.”

Eddie McErlain

“Even the standard adjust of your Color Pilot brings a high quality improvement of my scanned pictures.”

Sebastian Duennebeil

“I think the capabilities are marvellous and save so much time over other graphic programs. And of course once anything is done in Colour Pilot then other graphic programs can be used if you want other effects too. I have tried it on some of my digital photos and achieved improvements over what I thought were pretty good pictures.”

John Gardiner

“I downloaded yesterday, by Internet, your application Color Pilot 3.6, shareware, and I am working with it. I believe it is the best software for correction of color in the commerce, and I need it mainly for correct my digital photo-album (24 bit). I will ask the next days how I can to send a money order in favor of your company in order to register. Congratulations.”

Carlos A. Ramirez

“Recently I did have another look at it, whilst at work, and was quite honestly I was astounded at what the program can do. So much so that I showed it to my Editor and his reaction was “Good grief…that’s fantastic”… “

Kate Hadley

“I have found your product to be excellent and certainly well ahead of any other product out there! It is saving me hours of retouch and matching.”

John Steiger

“This is a great package and I have used it to get me out of some very difficult spots.”

Michael J Waddington
Integrated Display Systems

“It’s a nice tool for color adjustment. It’s friendly and easy use. It especially supply animated wizard.”

from tw.bbs.comp.hacker group

“Needless to say I fell in love with it and almost immediately registered. I use another program for retouching, as color pilot seems to work only for doing color, but that is an enormous help, so I thank you for the program.”

Lester Fletcher
Church Pastor

“Unlike most programs that cost an arm and a leg, yours not only fulfilled my needs, but exceeded my expectations! It has made my life so much easier! You have a customer for life! Good luck in all your ventures, and thanks for the excellent work all of you are doing!”

John Steiger

“The program appears to be very effective in enhancing the colors in a graphic, more so than any other program that I have used. I particularly like your tutorial examples as an effective way to teach the main features of the program and its general philosophy of operation. Thank you for a great program.”

Mel Brown

“I thought it was a brilliant programme for dealing with digital image colour correction so I registered and am delighted with it.”

Chris Humphreys

“The reason I registered was because it restores color photos much faster than me having to do it manually with other programs. And the feature of using a reference color to color another object is fantastic.”

Victoriano De Leon Jr.

“What caught my interest was the unique way your program approaches color management. I am now better able to conceptualize color process by seeing it from a different (and yet, very valid) viewpoint. I am looking forward to seeing more creative works from your group.”

Warren Flarity

“Meanwhile I registered your Color Pilot 3.61 and I`m very satisfied of the performance. I create interactive slideshows on CD and for this it is very useful to adjust the colors to each other.”

Sebastian Duennebeil

“I was singularly impressed by your illustration examples, appreciative, and astonished at the simplicity and effectiveness of them. I can’t believe that I have stumbled across a didactic element in a software program that is very user friendly, (particularly for the dyslexic and those with multiple learning disabilities)! I hope that you have 1000’s many more!”

David Jones

“Your product is wonderful and a I have also learned that it does a fabulous job on improving teeth for someone that might have slight gaps between them. Smiles can be dramatically improved.”

Dan Dybwad
Blue Stone Photography


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