What people are saying about our Virtual Printer Driver

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This was the second product I bought from Two Pilots and I’m very happy with it. I evaluated some other competitive products in the virtual printer area before, but there were problems with all of them. The virtual printer driver from Two Pilots is not the cheapest one, but worth every single Euro, because it just works perfectly. And if you have any problems or questions there will be a fast and competent answer from their support team. Additionally they are very flexible if you needs something special like me. Thanks for this great product and your support!

Andreas Breitschopp (AB-Tools.com)

Thank you for your professional work! I was searching a long time for a company who understands my needs. Two pilots understood me and just solved my problem in no time with excellent software quality. Happy to work again on future projects with Two Pilots.

Wolfgang Baeck, CARECON GmbH (http://www.carecon.com)

I want to express that I enjoyed working with your product including all the supplemental information. It exactly answers our needs including configuration, paper size setting, client application, etc.

Eduard Furlender, Software Development Manager (VPSign)

Two Pilots is an excellent company to work with. After evaluating several competing solutions in great detail, I selected the Two Pilots solution. The staff worked with me to create a custom version that fit my needs and I was up and running in no time at all. The product works excellent and is one of the most stable parts of my software. It was a real time saver from a great company.

Brian Pollack

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